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Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Get Crafty and Create Your Own Centerpiece


Pumpkins, wheat, pinecones, gourds...what makes you think of Thanksgiving? Use this collection of easy-to-follow projects to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will last throughout the fall, if not longer.

An Easy Pumpkins, Flowers and Gourds Centerpiece - Easy, step-by-step instructions for a simple, seasonal centerpiece.

An Autumn Basket Centerpiece - You can easily create this longlasting fall centerpiece.

Flowers and Cranberries Arrangement - This simple fall arrangement will take little time to assemble - just be sure to save a few cranberries from the relish on Thanksgiving.

Fruit and Candle Centerpiece - This attractive centerpiece can be created using common items found in your home around Thanksgiving time.

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece - It's easy to create a bountiful, Thanksgiving centerpiece. This centerpiece is low enough to be placed in the center of your Thanksgiving table, without blocking conversation. Or you can place it in the middle of your holiday buffet table.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Easy, step-by-step instructions for a lovely harvest centerpiece, from Glenna Morton, About Guide to Interior Decorating.

Harvest Centerpiece Project - Glenna offers another suggestion for a centerpiece using pumpkins and apples. Very autumnal.

Wreath Centerpiece Project - You can't get much easier than this gorgeous natural centerpiece from Glenna Morton.

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