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Showering a Second Time Mom

Every Baby Deserves a Celebration


There are mixed feelings on the etiquette regarding whether it's proper to throw a shower for second or subsequent babies. On the negative side, one might argue that parents have all the necessary baby supplies and clothes from the first child. A second shower would only provide excess, and might seem greedy. But to argue the positive side, every baby deserves to have its pending arrival greeted with excitement and celebration. And even with a second child, there may be things parents still need. For example:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • New clothes if the baby will be the opposite sex from the first
  • Fresh nursing supplies (such as nursing pads, milk storage bags, a nursing pillow
  • A double stroller if the first child is still young
  • New socks, bibs, wash cloths, and pajamas (items that wear out easily)
  • Pacifiers
  • Formula if you know the parents plan to bottle-feed
  • Clothing if baby will be born in a different season than first child. For example, if first baby was born in the summer, parents may not have a newborn baby bunting to bring baby home from the hospital
  • A second car seat if first child hasn't outgrown the baby seat

Or, how about these ideas that are more parent-oriented, less baby-related:

  • Gift certificates to a spa for mom to use during pregnancy or after delivery to take care of herself
  • Coupons good for babysitting so mom and dad can get a break
  • Coupons for helping with household chores or errands
  • Offers to help with yard chores so dad can spend more time with the baby
  • Gift certificates to the local video store or pizza shop
  • A schedule of friends who will provide homemade meals the first few weeks home
  • Offers to take the first child on special outings

Hopefully I've made the case that a second shower is neither greedy nor unnecessary. It's also just a nice thing to do, and another reason to gather friends together in a celebration.

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