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Completing the Diaper Cake

Decorating the Diaper Cake is the Fun Part


Diaper Cake Decorated for a Baby Boy

Finished Boy Diaper Cake

Donna Pilato

You've arrived at the fun part!

  • Place the largest cake tier on the platter. Using several pieces of adhesive tape on the underside of the diapers, tack them to the platter. Don't use so much tape that the diapers will tear when the mother disassembles it.
  • Place the second tier on top of the base and attach with tape to the lower tier.
  • Place the smallest tier on top and attach as you did the other tiers.
  • Tuck the various baby accessories inside the ribbon, all around the cake. Make sure they fit snugly, and tie with more ribbon if necessary to keep them from falling off.
  • Finish the cake with the one-inch ribbon wrapped around each tier to help secure the accessories and provide a finishing touch.
  • This is the fun part of making a diaper cake, so give this part extra thought. You can decorate the cake to match the theme of the baby shower, whether it's teddy bears, unicorns, bubbles, etc. Or you can make it look like a cake for a baby girl with lots of pink accessories and toys. If the parents don't know, or haven't shared the gender of the future baby, you can decorate using lots of colors that would be suitable for any child. Soft pastels are classic baby colors. But modern parents are also choosing bolder colors for their nursery. The more you know about the parents' plans for the nursery, the easier it will be to make a spectacular cake that will add to the decorations in the nursery, as well as at the baby shower.
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