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Decorating Ideas for a Bridal Shower

How to Set the Stage for Your Selected Theme


Bridal shower tea party.

A tea party provides lovely inspiration for bridal shower decorations.

Donna Pilato

As you plan the bridal shower, be sure to give careful thought to the decorations. Decorations will be the most important thing for setting the stage for your event. Don't be afraid to be creative. With the abundance of wedding bells and umbrellas you find in the bridal shower section of party stores, one might think that's the only possible motif for this event. Think again. It can be very simple and relatively inexpensive to be a lot more creative than that. Here are three possible decorating plans to get you started.

Follow Your Theme

When you've selected a theme for your shower, decorations will help to support your selection. Here are some decorating ideas for a kitchen-theme shower:

  • Get plain white paper table cloths and stamp fruits and vegetables in garden colors around the border.
  • Create a centerpiece for each table using a stainless steel mixing bowl filled with a seasonal selection of colorful fruit. Alternatively, purchase attractive 6 inch pots and fill with dirt. Place a colorful candle in the center and plant herbs around it.
  • Give out small spice packets attached to measuring spoons as a favor.
  • Use recipe cards as place cards.
  • Tie each napkin with a small piece of twine and insert a miniature whisk under the bow.

Make it Romantic

Romance is the underlying reason behind all showers, so why not celebrate it in your decorations?

  • Consider hosting a bridal shower tea party which is perfect for a romantic mood.
  • Top your tables with pink linens.
  • Use white napkins that have been pushed through heart-shaped cookie cutters as a napkin ring.
  • Your centerpiece should reflect the ultimate symbol of romance - a clear vase filled with red roses.
  • Sprinkle the table with heart shaped confetti in assorted colors of pink, red and silver.
  • A small heart trinket box that has been wrapped with a red bow is a lovely favor for your guests to bring home a little of the romance for themselves.
  • Create place cards by folding over small paper lace doilies.

Remember the Bride's Interests

Consider the interests of the bride when you select your theme. Here are shower ideas for a bride who is passionate about the beach.

  • Cover the tables with blue, white and yellow striped cloths for a nautical feel.
  • Create seashell napkin rings by gluing miniature seashells around plain wooden or plastic napkin rings.
  • For this party's centerpiece, fill a clear bowl with blue marbles and water. Place a few starfish along the sides of the marbles so that they are visible from the outside of the bowl. Top with white floating candles.
  • Tie a length of rope around the back of each chair and glue a cluster of seashells at the point where it ties.
  • Give each guest a small votive candle holder that you have hand-painted or stamped with seagulls, and fill them with an ocean-scent candle.

If you'd like to find more of Donna Pilato's advice on hosting parties and entertaining friends and family you can visit her at The Delicious Dozen.

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