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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Games

You Can't Just Drink All Night, Can You? You Need Bachelor Party Games Too!


Well, maybe you can drink all night at a bachelor party. But between the beer and the strippers, wouldn't it be fun to have a few bachelor party games to add a little extra laughter to the group? After all, just think about the poor groom. He's nervous about the wedding, he's worried that his bride will catch him with the stripper, and all that beer is just making him feel sick. So, for the poor groom's sake, add a few bachelor party games to the mix to take his mind off of all those pre-wedding jitters.

Here are bachelor party game ideas to get your group started. After the first keg or two have been polished off, I'm sure you'll come up with a few bachelor party games of your own.

Bachelor Party Fun - This site sells games for your bachelor party such as naked girl trading cards and many more X-rated items.

Bachelor Party Tips -Find ideas for all kinds of drinking games here to get the laughter flowing.

BarMeister Drinking Games - You'll find drinking games of all types here, including games to play while watching movies, games with dice, card games, board games and much more.

Bar None Drinking Games- A large range of games including dice, endurance, luck, speed, cards and more.

Grooms Online - You'll find a couple of ideas for bachelor party scavenger hunts, as well as two other games ideas once you scroll down past the bachelor party disaster story on this page.

Learn How to Play Poker - This is one of the classic male gathering games. If drinking heavily isn't the style of your group, perhaps you can challenge one another at the card table after reviewing these instructions.

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