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Baby Shower Cakes

Create an Edible Centerpiece


Bundt cake and blocks
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A baby shower is a happy event, perfect for lighthearted, fun entertaining. The creative cakes my friends baked for my showers still stand out in my memory. These fun baby cakes doubled as both centerpiece and dessert.

If you enjoy baking, I recommend you try to make one yourself. Some can be very simple if you purchase the decorations from one of the specialty companies in the list below. And even if you're not ambitious enough to bake one yourself, you might find an idea to bring to your local bakery.

Butterfly Baby Shower Cake - Here's a plan for a charming, easy to create cake for the next shower you host.

Cake Works Central - This company offers supplies and/or instructions for 6 different baby shower cake themes including Pooh, Snoopy, Beatrix Potter, and more.

Cookie Cutters - This company has a selection of cookie cutters suitable for a baby shower such as a rubber duckie, baby foot, rocking horse, bassinette, pacifier and more.

Sugarcraft - This company sells an assortment of novelties for cake decorating. Scroll approximately halfway down the page to find the baby shower related items.

Wilton Industries - These specialists in cake decorating offer recipes for three different, adorable, impressive baby shower cakes.

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