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Food Art, Garnishing Made Easy

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Food Art by John Gargone

Good Art, Garnishing Made Easy

John Gargone

The Bottom Line

With this book in hand you can elevate your home buffets from a bunch of hastily tossed together plates of food, to beautiful works of art, without much more effort than the time required to give a little advance thought.
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  • Very clear, step-by-step instructions.
  • Beautiful full color photos demonstrate every technique.
  • There's lots of guidance on knife handling and care, good for any purpose.


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  • Primer on knives including the different types of knives, handling techniques and maintenance.
  • 350 beautiful color photos illustrate techniques and provide inspiration.
  • Easy to understand narrative guides the reader through the thought process behind each presentation.
  • Instruction on vegetable, fruit, cheese, and deli food garnishing.
  • Techniques for creating centerpieces as well as decorating salad platters.

Guide Review - Food Art, Garnishing Made Easy

Presentation is the first thing that determines whether or not a meal is going to appeal to your family or guests. Unfortunately, most home cooks don't realize how easy it can be to create an irresistible presentation. It's widely assumed that the only time we can enjoy food as a work of art is at a catered event or on a cruise ship. Luckily, Chef Garde Manger John Gargone has decided to systematize his techniques for creating beautiful food presentations, and written a very easy-to-follow book on the process. He shows us how in the same time we would take to prepare fruits, vegetables and cheeses for an unartistic display, we can create works of art instead. All it takes is the application of little forethought and a few simple techniques. By following Chef John's instructions and photos, you'll be winning rave reviews from your guests as soon as the next time you entertain. You can begin by following a few basic instructions that will make a huge difference. As you become more comfortable thinking like a food artist, you'll find there's abundant inspiration in this book to develop your own creative style.
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