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A Girls' Night Tupperware or Similar Party

Home Parties Can Be Fun


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At some point in every grown woman's life she will be invited to attend a Tupperware or similar party. There are many companies that offer business opportunities involving in-home sales. Most of these companies sell products for the home, children, health or beauty. The hostess of the party may be testing out a business opportunity by hosting one of these events, she may do it to earn free merchandise, or she may host simply for the fun of it. Here's a list of some of the parties I've either attended or been invited to attend.

  • Tupperware - plastic storage, and other household/entertaining products
  • Longaberger - collectible baskets
  • The Pampered Chef - high end kitchen equipment and accessories
  • Discovery Toys - educationally oriented toys and books
  • Creative Memories - scrapbook materials
  • Mary Kay - skincare and cosmetics
  • PartyLite - candles
  • Lia Sophia - jewelry
  • Silpada - silver jewelry

I never received one of these invitations until I was married and owned a home. In my younger days, I would groan whenever one of these turned up in my mailbox. After all, who wants to be locked in a room for two hours with a sales person trying to get me excited about plastic containers or baskets? I knew that, like it or not, I would not be leaving that party empty-handed because I felt an obligation to my hostess to order something. Times have changed, however, and now I see these parties as another excuse for a night out with my girlfriends. These parties offer a chance for a little girl talk and a few laughs at the products and, sometimes, ourselves. And I only buy something if I really like it!

Which brings me to the Tupperware party that I hosted a few years ago. After years of attending these home product demonstration parties I had never hosted one, mainly because I remembered how I used to feel whenever I received one of those invitations. But after attending many of these parties, I realized that I had enough friends who liked going to them for the same reasons I did. Since I had a good friend who sold Tupperware, it seemed like a good excuse to volunteer my home for a party.

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