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Sweet 16 Parties - Part 1

A Tea Party


Party Description

A Tea Party complete with fun tea sandwiches would charm a romantic daughter. English tea party costumes and hats provided for the guests would make the party both special and giddy. This party would work well as either an all girl or co-ed event.

You could host this party at a tea shop that runs these events. Or you can host it in your own home. If that's the case, the parents or other adults can dress up in suitable English servant attire to wait on the guests. Check with your local costume shop for both guest and serving costumes.

Planning Elements

  • Make reservations at tea shop.
  • Select menu for party.
  • Send invitations.
  • Make arrangements for costumes. Guests may need to visit shop for fittings, depending on how elaborate the costumes will be.
  • Prepare party favors.

If hosted at home, you'll need to:

  • Plan menu.
  • Pull out your fine china, or make arrangements to borrow or rent appropriate dinnerware.
  • Order floral centerpieces suitable for a tea party.
  • Select appropriate tea party music.

Party Favor Suggestion

A small decorative box with assorted tea bags and tea cookies would be perfect as a favor.

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