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A Party for your Little Princess

Treat Her Like Royalty on Her Birthday


A Party for your Little Princess

Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Donna Pilato

My house has been blessed by the pitter-patter of two little princesses. At least, that's what they believe they are! Although I may not indulge them in this fantasy on a daily basis, their birthday parties provide the perfect opportunity to let them and their friends fulfill their dreams of royalty.

If you have a little princess reigning in your home, this party plan will make her birthday magical. It is suitable for any little girl from pre-school age through grade school. Just tailor the difficulty of the craft materials according to the age level.

Setting the Stage

  • Decorate your castle with pastel streamers and balloons.
  • Cover the party room chairs with a swatch of pink fabric over the seat and back. Tie a large bow across the back with a length of tulle.
  • Invite your guests to come dressed in their prettiest outfits.
  • Set the table with a pastel yellow table cloth and pink napkins. Tie the napkins with a yellow ribbon bow.
  • Use pastel colored plates and cups.


  • When the guests arrive, give each girl a feather boa to wear around her shoulders, and fun, colorful jewelry purchased at a party shop.
  • If you have any sewing talent, you can create a skirt for each princess out of a length of pink tulle that is gathered at the waist with a ribbon.
  • Begin the party with a craft activity. Using purchased solid color, cone party hats, have the girls create a princess hat. Provide them with assorted stick-on gems, confetti, and feathers. Staple ribbon streamers to the point of each hat.
  • While the girls are creating their hats, apply temporary tattoos to their cheeks or hands. Use butterfly, flower, heart or other feminine designs.
  • Using a rubber frog, play "pass the frog" as a variation on hot potato.
  • Create a life-size silhouette of your daughter by outlining her body in a dress on a large piece of paper. Then create a template for the outline of her shoe, and make a copy for each guest. Use these copies to play pin the shoe on the birthday princess.
  • Play "Princess May I?" - a twist on the old game "Mother, May I?" All the guests will stand in a line. The birthday girl will be the first princess and she will tell each guest in turn to take a certain number of steps (such as 3 baby steps, or two ballerina steps). The guests will need to remember to ask "Princess May I?" in order to take the steps. If they forget, they must go back to the start line. The first player to reach the princess wins and becomes the next princess giving orders.
  • Organize a few dance party games to work off a little energy.
  • Purchase a rainbow piñata and fill it with golden chocolate coins and other treasures for the princesses to release during the party.
  • Seat your princess on her throne (her decorated chair) when it's time to open presents. Have each child present her gift in turn and help the birthday princess to open it. In the meantime, let the other children draw and color a picture of a castle on paper that you have posted on your wall. Use colored chalk if you're concerned that the children might color the walls instead!

What to Serve

  • Serve sandwiches that have been cut with heart or star cookie cutters. Cream cheese and jelly and peanut butter and jelly are perennial favorites.
  • Cover all the nutritional bases by serving chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Cups of pink lemonade are a suitable beverage for young royalty.
  • For the grand finale, create and serve a Princess Castle Cake.

Remember the Goody Bags!

Great items for princess goody bags are jewelry, mirrors, Disney princess figurines, candy necklaces, stickers, and ring lollipops.

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