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Getting Silly with a Dr. Seuss Party - Planning and Decorating Ideas

Celebrate the Talents of Dr. Seuss with a Special Party


The after-party for 'Dr. Seuss' Cat In The Hat' at the Universal Studios Cinema on November 8, 2003 in Los Angeles, California.
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Throughout his writing career Dr. Seuss, born Theodore Geisel, had the talent to make nonsense actually good for us. Whether it was enticing children into the world of books, or delivering the subtle messages underlying many of his stories, Dr. Seuss made an impact that will last long beyond his lifetime.

A Dr. Seuss party is a fitting theme for any group of children that enjoy getting a little silly and a little smart at the same time. It works as a theme for an at-home birthday party or a classroom party. However, celebrating the life and works of this famous author, born March 2, 1904, is all the excuse you need for hosting a party.

Since the reach of his work extends from birth on up, it's possible to tailor a party to suit any age group of children. Therefore, I have provided party ideas that you can mix and match as you find appropriate for the group of children you'll be entertaining at your next Dr. Seuss theme party. You'll find ideas for decorations, food, and games, along with the title of the book that inspired them. You may even want to ask older children to guess the titles of the books that relate to the elements in your party. Finally, I recommend that at any Dr. Seuss party you read at least a few of the books that have inspired your activities. What a silly ice breaker for your party!


  • Hang pale green pants in your party room ("What Was I Scared Of?").
  • Create an edible centerpiece using a Styrofoam cone that has cheese cubes stuck into it with toothpicks (cheese trees from "Fox in Socks").
  • Decorate the ceiling and walls with large, cut out stars ("Sneetches").
  • Make a centerpiece of turtle stuffed animals piled on top of one another ("Yertle the Turtle").
  • Set toy poodles on your table with plates of noodles in front of them ("Fox in Socks").
  • Use tall, artificial cacti as decorations ("Hop on Pop").
  • Release helium filled balloons in your party room ("Oh, the Places You'll Go!").
  • Create a grouping of the following animals from "Great Day for Up!": brown bunnies, frogs, and butterflies.
  • Hang large kites from your ceiling ("Great Day for Up!").
  • Decorate with, or give to guests, "Cat in the Hat" hats or Santa hats ("How the Grinch Stole Christmas").
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