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A Chocolate Party for Teen Girls

The Girls Will Be Talking About this One for Months


When it comes to stereotypes there are few, in my opinion, that are closer to the truth than the generalization that girls and women love chocolate. I can't think of a woman I've met who doesn't adore the stuff and wouldn't love going to a chocolate theme party. Of course there are men and boys who enjoy it too, but their passion for it doesn't approach the driving necessity of it in a girl's life. That's why I've designed this chocolate theme party for teenage girls, not as a coed event. If the moms want to stick around, that would be just fine too; I bet they'd love to be invited! A chocolate party would make a great sleepover theme for a birthday party, a Valentine's Day party, or a "just because" the girls need a night together party.

Set the tone for the party by sending out invitations sprayed with a chocolate fragrance. It's not widely available, but you can find it online. Otherwise, include chocolate shavings or sprinkles inside your invitation.

The menu and activities in this party are pretty much one and the same. You'll be making and eating chocolate food! Can you think of a theme more likely to make your friends smile than that?

Here's the Plan:

Bake a chocolate strawberry pizza. Since this recipe is made with real pizza dough, not the cookie dough that typical chocolate pizza recipes recommend, it should help to prevent sugar overload.

Make hot cocoa or chocolate milkshakes depending on whether this is a cold season or warm season party.

For dessert you'll want to dip bananas, strawberries, kiwis, and other fruit into chocolate fondue.

Make decorated chocolate pretzels. You can eat some during the party, and save the rest to give as gifts.

Make chocolate candies or lollipops. Pick an appropriate theme, such as hearts if it's a Valentine's Day party, and purchase molds at your local candy supply store or online. Fudge is an easy candy to make if you're looking to keep it simple. Once again, you can eat some and save some to give as gifts.

What's your favorite chocolate food? Is it triple layer chocolate cake? Chocolate ice cream? Hershey's bars? Then by all means include it in your party plan as well!

Write an Ode to Chocolate as a fun group activity. The verses could go on all night.

Rent and watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".


Be sure to have plenty of ice-cold milk on hand to counterbalance the chocolate.

Serve a few non-chocolate snack items just in case the party becomes too much of a good thing (although I don't see how that could happen!)

Make some recipes with milk chocolate, some with dark chocolate, and others with white chocolate to keep things interesting.

Party Favors

Give your guests small baskets filled with chocolate scented candles and chocolate soaps as party favors. Make sure the baskets have enough room to fit the chocolate pretzels, fudge, or other candies you make during the party.

Donna Pilato
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