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Plan Your Super Bowl XXXVI Bash

Score a Touchdown with a Super Party


Get ready football fans. This year's Super Bowl will be held in New Orleans providing you with a great opportunity for literally spicing up your game day party. Introduce some of the fun of Mardi Gras into your football bash to score big with your football loving friends. Build your menu around the fabulous flavors of New Orleans cuisine and jazz up the standard football party fare.

Super Bowl Party Planning Tips

  • The more televisions in your party rooms the better.
  • Serve food that is easy to eat. Preferably finger food, and definitely food that can be eaten in front of the television.
  • Don't serve any recipes that will require you to be slaving in the kitchen while the game is on. The most you should need to do during the party is pull out extra platters from the refrigerator or pop pre-made trays into and out of the oven.
  • If children will be attending with their parents, set up a television in a quiet room with videotapes to amuse the kids.
  • If you have a chatty group of friends, you might want to locate one television in a separate room for the die-hard football fans who would be irritated by less serious partygoers.
  • Stock up on plenty of cold beverages. Between the salty snacks and shouting at the television, your guests will become very thirsty.
  • Have lots of paper towels, napkins and rug cleaner handy for messes created during exciting plays.
  • Be prepared to offer your guests a place to sleep in case they overindulge during the game.

Setting the Stage

  • Naturally, football themed decorations are appropriate for this bash. Team colors, pennants, footballs, goal posts, and jerseys help to set the mood.
  • Add Mardi Gras party items and colors to your football decor this year. Gold and purple are the usual colors and will look super on your buffet table. Scatter Mardi Gras beads, masks, boas and gold coins for a little extra pizzazz.
  • Before the game begins, play New Orleans brass band music. It's great for putting people in the mood to party.
  • Keep a little spare change and small bills handy for any betting pools that just might pop up over the course of the evening.

The Menu

Add the flavors of New Orleans to your football party buffet.

Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers - Have the cold drinks ready before these are served. This recipe spares the frying.

Muffaletta - What could be simpler than serving giant wedges of this hearty, make-ahead New Orleans sandwich?

Vegetarian Muffaletta - Be kind to your vegetarian friends and make a few of these vegetarian variety sandwiches. It wouldn't hurt for everyone else to eat a few veggies too!

Crock Pot Chili - A traditional chili recipe that will give you plenty of time to enjoy the party. Spice it up according to taste.

Chocolate Chex Marshmallow Clusters - This dessert variety Chex® cereal mix is sure to be please.

Fresh Banana Layer Cake - For the non-chocoholics in the bunch, this bake-ahead cake completes the New Orleans flavors nicely.

Assorted snack food such as chips, dips, pretzels, etc.

Assorted cold beverages including beer, soft drinks and water.

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