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'A Sex and the City' Party - Girls' Night In

Girls Night In Can Be as Much Fun as Going Out


They're back. Those sexy, fun, eccentric New York City gals of HBO's Sex and the City. The gals who prove that you can live an enviably glamorous lifestyle and still not have it all together. These gals confirm that, in the wild world of dating, your girlfriends are the only dependable thing.

Regular visitors to this site will know that I haven't been single for a long time. But I haven't forgotten the highs and lows of the single life nor have I forgotten that one of the best things was rehashing each miserable or wonderful date with a few of my best gal pals. For a married gal, Sex and the City just helps to bring those memories back a little more vividly.

I love to see the funky outfits these girls wear, each more outrageous than the last. Do any real city women dare (or have the budget!) to parade around in those clothes? And the fact that those ladies can fill their faces with wonderful restaurant food and fancy cocktails, without gaining a single ounce, completes the fantasy.

Whether or not you're still single, you too, can enjoy an evening of hanging out with your girlfriends. Watch the show and then get into a heated discussion about the latest antics of this tight group of gals. Better yet, spend the night dishing about the larks of your own special circle of friends or reminiscing about your own dating days. No need to invite the boys to come along. You're together for a good session of no holds barred girl talk. The boys just wouldn't understand anyway.

First Priority - You Must Dress Up

You want to feel as sharp and sexy as these New York chicks. Therefore, you and your friends should dress in your most outrageous, fashion forward attire for this party. What? You don't know what that is? Then visit Cynthia Nellis, About's Guide to Fashion for the complete guide to Sex and the City Style.

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