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A President's Day Cabin Fever Party

Escaping the Winter Doldrums


The end of dreary winter is coming soon, but not soon enough for many of us (myself included). Luckily, thanks to two of our illustrious former presidents, there's a long weekend coming to break-up the monotony. You have several choices for spending the extra time over President's Weekend. You can:

  1. Go shopping and take advantage of President's Day sales, if you've paid off your holiday bills.
  2. Go away on a tropical vacation if you can still find a seat on a plane and an available hotel room (and have leftover cash from the President's Day sales).
  3. Plan a Cabin Fever party with friends and put everyone in a sunny frame of mind.

Setting the Stage - Go All American!

Go crazy with the American theme. Who says we can only sport red and blue decorations on July 4th? Show your true patriotic colors at this gathering by:

  • Mixing your tablecloth and napkins in those three colors.
  • Create a balloon centerpiece using red, white and blue balloons.
  • Purchase bunches of red, white and blue carnations from your florist.
  • Hang an American Flag on the wall.
  • Play patriotic American songs such as "Yankee Doodle Dandy" in the background.
  • Ask your guests to wear white wigs like the Federalists or a top hat like honest Abe.

What to Do

For after-dinner entertainment, rent or buy a movie celebrating one of these presidents or their time period:

"George Washington - The Man Who Wouldn't Be King" - From PBS's "The American Experience."

"The Lincoln Assassination" - an A&E production that explores the mystery surrounding this assassination.

"Gone With the Wind" - the great Civil War epic romance. It's sure to add warmth to a cold winter night.

The Menu

I've put together a menu that reflects traditional American cuisine, with a touch of Colonial flavor. For dessert, there's one clear winner for saluting good ol' George - Cherry Pie!

President's Day Cabin Fever Party Menu

Easy Vegetarian Peanut Soup
This easy soup is based on the traditional peanut soups of Virginia.

Southern Fried Chicken

Baked Smithfield Ham
These hams can be purchased online from The Virginia Company

Three Tom's Inn Spoon Bread

Pumpkin Muffins
This easy recipe is from the Sugar Hill Inn in Franconia, NH

Crock Pot Orange Glazed Carrots
A very simple recipe from Southern Cuisine Guide Diana Rattray.

Cherry Pie

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