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Oscars Night Party 2001

Part 3 - Suggestions from our Forum


Some of the visitors to our Forum have shared with us tips from Oscars parties they've held in previous years. Here are a few:

"Oscars parties are great fun! They are a good excuse to pull out those party dresses that nobody ever gets to wear! I choose black and gold for the party colors, and deep burgundy as an accent color. We always have champagne and beer--both look great in a champagne glass, and then the champagne haters can still be elegant. If you don't have enough glasses to go around, make it a fun part of the invitation by encouraging people to bring their favorite champagne glass. Also, you could make it into a party game by getting some craft paints or permanent markers and having people decorate their glasses with their favorite movies, actors, etc., with an "Oscar" going to the Best Designer." -- MILADYM

"If you like to make your own table centerpiece, go to an arts and crafts store and purchase a Styrofoam mannequin head and spray paint it gold. Leave the head just plainly painted and place large envelopes (with wax seals/bright ribbons) at the base of the "Oscar" head and sprinkle colorful glitter confetti on the table." -- JIM21516

"Invite your guests with fancy invitations you made on your computer or hand stamped or painted. Remember to use gold somewhere on your invitation. Don't forget to mention attire on the invite, after all this is an Oscar event." -- MGWAGEMAN

"A friend of mine devised an interesting Oscars pool... one that keeps everyone in the game throughout the entire telecast. Here's how it works:

Contestants give every nominee in each category a point value... 5 down to 1. The movie or person you think has the best chance of winning gets 5 points, the least gets 1.

For example:

Best Picture:

  • Crouching Tiger 4
  • Gladiator 3
  • Erin Brockovich 5
  • Traffic 1
  • Chocolat 2

If Crouching Tiger wins, I get 4 points. Someone else might get 3, someone else 5. It's not all or nothing. And then for pure "guess" categories (best short subject documentary, etc.), people at least get some points. (In the categories with only 3 nominees, the points go 3,2,1). All you need to do is download the categories and nominees from the Internet, and then create an easy-to-fill out scoring sheet for your guests. By the end of the party, almost everyone is in the pool, and the last few categories get really exciting. First prize gets all the money in the pool. You (as host) could offer copies of nominated movies on tape/dvd, or last year's best picture winner on tape/dvd, for second and third prizes. Assuming that the guests (and host) don't mind a little wagering, this really sparks up an Oscar party (imho)..." -- HOMEINNY

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