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Hurray for Hollywood!

Throw a Viewing Party for the Oscars


The gargantuan night of glamour, Hollywood's annual love fest is almost here. The night when the stars drop from their limos in their most attention-getting outfits, tasteful or not, (we all know there is no such thing as bad publicity). I love to snicker at the unflattering costumes. I groan as the stars prattle on endlessly during their thank you speeches. I cringe in anticipation of the musical acts - will they be impressive or a snooze? But love it or hate it, like millions of other Americans, I'll be glued to the television that night watching the Oscars.

It's a great night to share with other movie buffs. Talking to the television during the Oscars is almost as much fun as yelling at " The Rocky Horror Picture Show". So here are a few fun ideas for making your own excitement that night when you host an Oscars Viewing Party.

Buy, rent, or make a red carpet, out of fabric or carpet remnants, to welcome your guests at the door.

Purchase inexpensive, glamorous Hollywood sunglasses for all partygoers to don as they step over your threshold.

Be ready to snap an instant photo of guests so that they too can feel hounded by the paparazzi (and to use as a souvenir of the party).

Before the big show begins, play the soundtrack from your favorite Oscar winning movie in the background.

Decorate with large silver and gold star cutouts either purchased or homemade.

Use black, gold and/or silver tablecloths and napkins.

Decorate your buffet table with star confetti and glitter.

Dangle unwound rolls of film from your ceiling.

Prepare an Oscars trivia game to play with your friends during the commercials. Award prizes at the end for best and worst scores.

Hand out ballots before the ceremonies begin, and after tallying all the scores at the end, hand out awards for most and least correct picks.

Dim the lights during the show, and serve a buffet of, what else but, movie theater food.

Academy Awards Party Snacks

Hollywood Cocktails
Colleen Graham, About Guide to Cocktails, has whipped up some special ones for this party.

Can't get enough of that crunchy stuff!

Hot Dogs
Okay, add a few soy dogs for the vegetarians in the crowd.

Lots of gooey, cheese, and some with spicy chopped chiles, too.

Homemade, or takeout, just make sure it's cut into small portions.

Boxes of Movie Theater Candies
The more chocolate or chewy choices the better.

Ice-cream Sandwiches and Bon-Bons
Who really hopes they can ever be as skinny as those stars anyway?

Ripe Tomatoes
For throwing at the bad performances (oh, just kidding!)

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