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An Elegant Birthday Celebration

Sometimes a Small and Elegant Birthday Party is Great


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Big birthday parties can be a blast. There are lots of laughs and plenty of good will to go around at a big party. But for many people on a limited budget, a large party means scaling back on what you can serve to your guests. It also means less time available for socializing with each guests. And a big party usually leads to a big clean up!

Sometimes, as the expression goes, less is more. A party of eight or ten close friends can be a wonderful, elegant birthday celebration. There's enough time for everyone to talk together and your budget can go much further. Leave the paper party goods for the larger gatherings. At this kind of birthday celebration you should pull out your best china and finest crystal. Don't forget to polish your silverware.

Dress your table with beautiful linens. Create three to five small arrangements of flowers. Limit the flowers you choose for greatest impact. For example, miniature roses and baby's breath; a single color tulip arrangement; or purple irises with yellow daffodils. Keep the arrangements low and space them out down the center of your table.

Be generous with party favors. Send each guest home with a bottle of champage in honor of the birthday boy or girl. Decorate it with a bundle of festive curled ribbon. Or, if alcohol is not your style, give each guest a festively wrapped, beautiful candle that will remind them of this special party each time they light it.

Here's an extra special menu to be shared at an intimate birthday gathering.

The Menu


Stuffed Eggs with Caviar - Use the best grade caviar that you can afford.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfect Prime Rib - An easy, elegant dish that requires time, not effort, to prepare.

Baby Artichokes Provencal - Tender young artichokes are always a treat, especially with this Provencal-style treatment.

White Truffle Risotto - Definitely not a recipe you can afford to serve to a crowd!

Heaven and Hell Cake - A yummy white cake recipe with honey, caramel and pecans that can be made in advance.

Coffee and Tea

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