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Decorating Ideas for Your Home for Halloween

Decorating Tricks Turn Your Home Into a Halloween Treat


This is the year you've finally decided to host the big neighborhood Halloween party. You want everything to be perfect for your guests, both young and old. Then my advice is to put your greatest time and effort into your Halloween decorations and create the mood for a really scary party. This is the one night each year when we look forward to creepy things. And with all the candy that will be eaten that night, gourmet food will not be everyone's highest priority, especially for the trick-or-treaters! Instead, think of your menu as part of the Halloween decorations.

Things You Can Do

Pay a lot of attention to your lighting. Turn your lights very low, or even turn them off, using only candles to create a spooky Halloween glow. Of course, be careful where you place the candles for the sake of safety. And if you have a lot of young children at the party, skip the candles except in out of reach places, and replace your regular light bulbs with dark colored bulbs.

Fill your home with spooky wisps of smoke and fog made from dry ice.

Play spooky Halloween music inside and outside your house. We've had speakers outside our home for years, and the trick-or-treaters always love the scary sounds as they come up our driveway.

Welcome your guests with spooky jack-o-lanterns lining your walkway.

Create creepy spiders to scatter everywhere including your buffet table, chairs, ceilings and anyplace else your guests might be surprised.

Spread cobwebs in choice corners of your home (available at most party stores) and selectively place miniature spiders in each web.

Cover your furniture with white sheets to simulate a deserted haunted house. Scatter talcum powder over the sheets to create a dust cloud when your guests sit.

Make bat, witch or black cat spooky silhouettes to hide in corners or on your windows.

Things You Can Serve

Things You Can Buy

Buy your own Fog Machine.

Shop at Pumpkin Masters for a wonderful selection of pumpkin carving tools and instructions.

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