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Saying Grace, Blessings for the Family Table

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Saying Grace

Saying Grace, Blessings for the Family Table by Sarah McElwain, Illustrations by David Dean

The Bottom Line

You'll never be stuck for just the right words to begin a special meal when you have this book in hand.
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  • A diverse collection of thoughts of appreciation.
  • Beautiful color illustrations.
  • This book noursishes the spirit as you prepare to feed the body.


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  • A collection of 120 blessings, prayers, and meditations for the table.
  • 40 beautiful illustrations by illustrator David Dean.
  • Small hardcover format makes this a great gift book.

Guide Review - Saying Grace, Blessings for the Family Table

This little treasure of a book contains words of appreciation that cut across cultures, religion and time. The sentiments are universal, even if the expressions reflect the unique traditions behind them. You'll find blessings ranging from traditional English table blessings to Chinese proverbs. Some are lengthy whereas others capture the feelings in one pithy phrase as in the Chinese proverb: "When eating the bamboo shoots, remember the man who planted them." Many are poetic and soothe the senses with their simple beauty. I recommend picking up several of these books to give as hostess gifts and be sure to keep one for yourself.
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