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A Mexican Fiesta Dinner Club Menu

Part 1 - Setting the Stage for a Mexican Fiesta


Mexican food
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You may think you know Mexican food because you've had tacos and burritos at your local fast food joint. Perhaps you've even cooked up some fajitas in your kitchen and cracked open a few jars of commercial salsa. But Mexican Cuisine can be much more interesting than the commercial products you've tried over the years. So take the challenge when you host your next dinner party and make it a Mexican Fiesta to remember. Through this menu you will make old standards from scratch and discover the difference it makes in your enjoyment of this complex cuisine.

This menu will not be for the faint of heart or stomach! The allure of Mexican cuisine is in it's spiciness, and not just in terms of heat (although that doesn't hurt!) The complex spices of the cuisine enhance the other ingredients in the recipes. Never fear, however, the traditional Mexican corn tortillas will help to tame the spices, aided in no small part by a few bracing Mexican beverages as suggested in the menu.

Setting the Stage

Do you have Mexican blankets, sombreros, dolls or other souvenirs you picked up on a trip to Mexico? If so, find a way to incorporate them into your decor. The genuine item is always preferable to a plastic imitation.

Tissue paper flowers are part of the Mexican fiesta decor in Mexico, so find a way to incorporate them into your decorations.

Natural decorations such as a cacti arrangement or a chili pepper wreath (ristra) would work well as a centerpiece.

Whether they serve as accents to your food, or mere conversation pieces, get a selection of hot sauces to place around your table.

You can purchase strands of chili pepper lights to add a spicy glow to your party, indoors or outdoors.

Play traditional Mariachi music during your dinner.

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