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An Apple Picking Picnic

Enjoy the Crisp Autumn Days with an Apple Picking Picnic


An Apple Picking Picnic

Basket of Freshly Picked Apples

Donna Pilato

I love autumn for many reasons. The crisp air, the scent and crackle of fall leaves, and the auburn glow of a sunny day have a way of enhancing all five senses more than any other time in the year. But one of my favorite things about fall is heading outdoors to a local farm to go apple picking.

Apple picking is a somewhat quaint activity that requires us to go outside and experience, first-hand, the fruits of our labors. It's a fabulous excuse for spending a leisurely day outdoors while feeling like you're doing something productive. I love the anticipation of waiting on the old hay wagon to get started on our short jaunt out to the orchards. And when we arrive, I'm always struck by the loveliness of the apple trees bedecked in their rosy autumn baubles.

While picking the apples from the trees, I can virtually smell the cinnamon and nutmeg that await their arrival back home. However, I'll have to be satisfied with the apple pies and cobblers of my fantasies for the next few hours. As my companions and I head back to our car, it's nice to know that there's a picnic lunch waiting to reward us for all our hard work in the orchards.

Tips for an Apple Picking Picnic

  • Dress in layers because the weather can be unpredictable this time of year.
  • Wear rugged shoes and thick socks since the ground can be damp and uneven.
  • Bring a large, heavy picnic blanket for comfortable dining.
  • Pack a tarp or several large trash bags to lay under your blanket in case the ground is damp.
  • Plan a menu that complements the apples you know you'll be snacking on all day.
  • Include a thermos of hot soup or a hot beverage to take away the autumn chill.

An Apple Picking Picnic Menu

Fresh Tomato Soup

Muffuletta Subs

Oatmeal Cookies

Freshly Picked Apples


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