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Tea Sandwiches, Bite-Sized Snacks that Are Great at Any Time

Tea Sandwiches Aren't Just for Tea Parties


Cucumber and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich

Donna Pilato

Despite their name, tea sandwiches fit the menu whenever you're looking for something a little lighter to serve and easier to eat. If your guests will be dressed for a special party, they probably won't want to attempt a big, drippy meatball hero. With tea sandwiches you provide them with something easier to manage in dressy clothing. Some of the possible occasions are cocktail parties, bridal showers, baby showers, new member parties, or birthday parties.

When you plan your tea sandwich menu, let your imagination run wild. As much as the traditional white bread, cucumber sandwiches are still popular, any kind of bread and filling is possible. Think of your favorite fillings and simply scale them back to a more delicate package. Here's an assortment of ideas to get you started.

Before You Begin:

A thin coating of butter will keep the bread from getting soggy. It's important to use good quality bread to help maximize the flavor and texture of each bite. The bread should be thinly sliced, ends trimmed, and cut into small pieces, generally no larger than a two-bite size.

Traditional Sandwiches:

Meaty Sandwiches:

Vegetarian Sandwiches:

Seafood Sandwiches:

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