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Holiday Centerpieces

Pick Your Holiday, Pick Your Centerpiece


The holidays have a way of inspiring even the minimalists among us to decorate our homes. We look for ways to visually remind ourselves of the symbols and sensations of that particular holiday, whether it be pumpkins at Halloween, pine cones at Christmas or champagne at the New Year.

Each holiday has its own collection of representative items, that generally require a minimal amount of assembly to produce a striking centerpiece. I have collected the best links for assembling your own centerpieces for each holiday. Although there may be a traditional group of materials to use for each occasion, the possibilities for assembly are endless.

To simply purchase floral centerpieces, visit Flowers and Centerpieces. I have not collected links for children's centerpieces. You can have children assist you with some of these, but you won't find kiddie projects here. For those projects I'll refer you to Sherri Osborne, Guide to Family Crafts, and her Holiday Family Projects.

If you like the paper honeycomb type of centerpieces, you'll be able to find those at sites listed on Party Supplies and Decor. Once you read the instructions, you'll find that most of these projects are very easy to complete. But if you find yourself intimidated by the prospect of creating your own festive centerpiece, I encourage you to look for a class at a local craft store. Classes are often scheduled around the holidays.

In the meantime, don't just sit there, get busy! The holidays are almost here!

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