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Taleggio Cheese

Taleggio Cheese

Donna Pilato

Country and Region of Origin:

Lombardy, Italy.

Type of Cheese:

Whole, cow's milk.


Taleggio's high fat content (48%) gives it a very creamy, semi-soft texture that turns runny as it ages.


Washed rind, reddish-orange color with mold.

Tasting Notes:

This extremely pungent, stinky cheese has a very creamy and mellow taste. It's initial salty impact is followed by fruity, yeasty undertones.

Wine Pairing:

Pair with a young full-bodied wine such as Merlot or with a dessert Riesling or Sauternes.

Serving Suggestion:

Goes well with fruit on a cheese board, in salads, or mixed into hot pasta or polenta since it melts well.

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