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Bridal/Wedding Showers
Guide picks

Food for a Bridal Shower
From your About Guide, menus, recipes and ideas for a wedding shower.

Organizing a Shower at the Office
Host a shower for a co-worker with help from Entertaining Guide, Donna Pilato.

A Vegetarian Shower
A sizable collection of vegetarian appetizer and dessert recipes ideal for both a bridal or baby shower.

Wedding Shower Hosting Guide
Our Weddings Guide helps you plan a bridal shower providing a wealth of information and resources.

Bridal Showers - Hot Showers with Cool Themes
Theme ideas with accompanying suggestions for gifts and party favors.

Ultimate Bridal Shower Guide
A bit of history, FAQ's and ideas for themes, games and activities.

Wedding Web Shower Ideas
Commonly asked etiquette questions and shower theme ideas.

Your Wedding Shower
More shower tips.

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