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How To Prepare a Shopping List For a Party


Man with shopping list in supermarket, mid section
Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images
One of the keys to successful entertaining is being well organized. Arm yourself with a well-thought-out shopping list before you hit the stores.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Assemble all the recipes you will be preparing.
  2. Sit down with notepad and pencil.
  3. Label the first page of notepad Master List.
  4. Go through each recipe and write on the Master List all the ingredients that you will need to purchase.
  5. Write down on Master List all the beverages you will need to buy that are available in supermarket.
  6. Write down party goods that you need to purchase on Master List if they are available in supermarket.
  7. If party goods are not available in supermarket, write them on a separate sheet of paper.
  8. Write down flowers or centerpiece supplies that you need to purchase on Master List, if available in supermarket. Write them on a separate sheet of paper if they will require a trip to a different store.
  9. Take out another sheet of paper and label it Last Minute Purchases.
  10. Review Master List for ingredients that will need to be purchased at the last minute, such as fresh produce or a special dessert. Write these items on Last Minute Purchases list.
  11. Cross off last minute items from Master List.
  12. Schedule a day (or days) on your Party Timetable to go shopping for the items on your lists.


  1. Make a separate list for each store you will need to shop in.
  2. When you've completed this process, your Master List will be the items you can purchase in advance. You will also have a Last Minute List. You may possibly have lists for the liquor store, party store and florist.
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