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Have a Backup Plan for Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor parties are a great way to entertain in the summer. People enjoy being outside, and it saves your home from the wear and tear of a large party. But you can't forget that weather is never guaranteed.

So if you plan an outdoor party, there's two ways you can prepare for bad weather. First, you can set a rain date. The problem with this choice is that sometimes you may not know until last minute whether there will be rain, and your food may be prepared and perishable before the rain date arrives. The second option is to have an indoor location reserved, just in case you need to move your party inside. Of course, this option could be costly, and the logistics of moving your party last minute can be nerve-wracking. The last option is to invite only as many people as you would be willing to entertain inside your house. Then, even if it rains, the party can still go on.

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